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excel We are a team of experienced technology professionals with knowledge and experience in industry best-practices. Innovation Cubed is a Web Design and Software Development Firm located in New Jersey. Our services include custom web design, custom programming, online marketing, search engine optimization, business strategy development, web site maintenance, and much more.

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Imagine being able to hire some of the best technology consultants, but for a fraction of their normal rate. Innovation Cubed is a collection of highly skilled professionals who work for some of the most prestigious technology companies. Our developers and designers provide consulting services to your business for a fraction of the normal cost by working evening and weekend hours. Nevertheless, we are committed to providing advice and guidance that is best suited for you and your business. If work is not needed, we will tell you! It is important to us that we build a solid relationship with your business and have your long-term vision in mind.

Our work is top-quality, our services are delivered on-time and produced on-budget. Rather than out-source to international consultants who may not truly understand your business needs, the Innovation Cubed developers are located in the United States and can relate to your business goals. All work is implemented during your "off-hours", and the finished product is delivered on time and on-budget! Contact us today to get started!

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Programming Services

Our computer programmers are happy to help you with either building a web site, or building a desktop application.
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Graphic Services

Our graphic designers are happy to help you with graphic design and image retouching.
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Business Strategy Services

Our strategists are happy to discuss with you your business and organize its strategic plans.
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Marketing Services

Our digital marketing professionals are happy to design and implement an online marketing campaign.
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Technical Support Services

Our technical staff can help your business gain technology stability and continue working without outages.
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